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Inheritance Cases

  One of the most psychologically taxing cases, for the people involved but even for the private investigator, is one involving settling inheritance differences. This happens because the people involved usually do not believe that they are fighting for material wealth, but that they are honestly trying to respect the wishes of the deceased and offer their offspring a better start in life.

The polynomy of Greek Civil Law, combined with a lack of proper property census and clear definition of physical geographical borders, as well as the badly structured state and legal services involved in property disputes, aided by the often selfish motivation of lawyers, means that cases concerning inheritance often get stuck for years on end, poisoning relationships between members of the same family.

The Private Investigator, aided by a professional and unbiased legal team, will be able to advise you as to the preferable course of action, based on objective evidence, derived from the proper authorities. The aim is above all, to inform you of your possibilities and give you a clear picture of all the parameters which affect your case. Only then will you be able to make the best decision for your whole family, as far as an inheritance dispute is concerned.