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  It is statistically certain that the majority of adults in Greece have at some point in their lives been victims of material damage to their professional or private property, without ever finding out the culprits.

Unfortunately, if it is not an organized and systematic act with an ulterior motive, the damage will simply be attributed to immaturity, with the result however remaining the same for the victim, who has to repair it.

In any case, our agency can offer not only protection from such incidents, but also the thorough investigation which will clarify whether this was a random act of vandalism or a more malevolent, planned action, as constant coincidences tend to be suspicious.

We can watch, with various means of surveillance, the actual incident and offer you the evidence necessary to deal with the real source of the problem. With cutting-edge technology at your disposal, we will be able to verify suspicions of sabotage and aid you in any future course of action you wish to pursue.