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Private Investigator Greece |Interactive Map Shows Golden Dawn Racist Attacks in Greece[26/09/2013]

A group of researchers created an online interactive map of racist attacks in Greece. Most of the attacks are reportedly made by Golden Dawn members or enthusiasts.

The map is part of a larger project titled “City at a Time of Crisis” which examines the impact of the crisis on urban spaces in Athens, including the rise in racist violence in the city and beyond.

Through this project, the researchers have sought to track what they see as the rise of neo-nazism in Greece using crowd-sourced public reports.

“While the rise of neo-nazism in Greece has been reported widely, the extent of the violence and the spread of everyday racism is not very well understood in the rest of Europe. The aim of this map is to act as a constantly updated public record of these attacks and as a tool for organising and communicating amongst anti-fascist/ anti-racist initiatives,” reads the researchers’website www.crisis-scape.net

The group says that they are not unaffiliated with any political party but several of them “have been active in the area of counter information across Europe for some years.”

Although most reports come from anonymous sources the site states that “additional sources are checked where possible in order to allow the incident to appear on the map.”