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Private Investigator Greece | US Service Reveals Greek Corruption in Thessaloniki[26/9/2013]

An investigation is being held concerning the rake-off of 95,000 dollars after the denouncement that a female taxes inspector in Thessaloniki received by representatives of a US tobacco products company.

The case was brought to light by the US Anti-Corruption Agency. According to what the company’s representatives denounced, in March 2013, they bribed the taxes inspector in question, so that the company would present great losses and would be relieved by taxes of €2,35 million, for the period 1995-2001, paying the amount of just €650,000.

As representatives of the US company said, they forwarded this action because “the tactics of bribing is common in Greece.”

According to the investigation that was held until now, the rake-off headed finally into the pockets of a three-member unit of auditors, which consisted of the taxes inspector in question and two colleagues of hers who are pensioners today.

Argyris Dimopoulos, Thessaloniki Appeals Court prosecutor and corruption prosecutor, was the one to order the investigation. He asked for criminal liabilities to be inspected and commanded that bank accounts of the individuals involved be opened.