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Chemical Traps for Thieves

The placement of chemical traps in certain parts of your business is one of the many ways available in exposing a suspect of document theft.

Today, the heart of a company beats through the constant flow of information, but also the silent trust between members of staff. Loss of any company or personal property sabotages the efforts towards the general good. And while material goods can often be replaced, albeit at a certain cost, the loss of trust can prove fatal to a company.

We therefore advise you to accept that it is first of all possible that one of your employees may be acting entirely contrary to what you have believed.

This acceptance, as well as the wish to deal with it, will give us the chance to install, with total professionalism and discretion, the chemical traps that will expose the culprit.

Since this is a delicate process, you should in no way take initiative yourself.

Our specialists are trustworthy, experienced and well trained in the particular task.