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Anti-bugging devices

Tapping or “bugging” in both the professional and private sector is no longer something hard, since relatively cheap devices are freely available in the market.

Our suggestion, especially to businesses (but also private individuals) that could come to a lot of harm if they fell victims of such incidents, is simple: if you ever suspect your discussions may have been monitored, tell us and we will protect you with the utmost secrecy and discretion.

  • We can offer:
  • Danger assessment
  • Protection from bugging
  • Structural analysis through thermography (if requested)
  • Transmitter analysis
  • Network Frequency Analysis
  • High-Frequency network control
  • Semiconductor tracking
  • Analysis of channel D on your ISDN network
  • Time-Domain Reflectormetre
  • Non-Linear-Junction Detector
  • GSM signal check for IMSI-Catcher
  • Phasmatographer
  • Extra checks during meetings, conferences etc

If requested, all of the material will be given to you upon completion of our investigation, including the surveillance report and measurements, as well as the results of any frequency analysis.

In the end, our tapping specialist will advise you as to the best course of action, in order to avoid future interceptions.