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Unfair Competition

This is one of the most common complaints in the business world, and is covered by a plethora of laws, both nationally and internationally.

Apart from a proper legal representation, you will need the necessary evidence to substantiate any claims made.

We can help you in both pillars your case is built upon. If you are for example a brand name owner, and realise that your rights are being violated, then you can demand the immediate suspension of the offending business practice, as well compensation for profits lost as a result of this illegal behaviour.

Apart from this, if you notice that the behaviour of a possible competitor goes against fair business practices, allow us to investigate the case further and responsibly present you with your legal options.

According to the law, it is not allowed to

  • Disrupt trade
  • Systematically remove staff
  • Use inaccurate and misleading advertisements
  • Slander or defame a competitor  

In all of these cases, please contact us. Our agency employs experienced professionals who, understanding your case, will offer you expert advice as to the best course of action, so that you know what is at stake depending on your choice.