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Debt Collecting

This service involves the intervention on behalf of our client in finding the possible assets or other alternative ways of payment of legally demanded debts, whether business or private.

In all cases, given that you have probably already started a legal process against the other party, our job will be vital in providing you with the evidence you will need to support your claim.

Above all, through a proper and thorough investigation involving your debtor, we can discover assets (even when hidden), which you can then use in order to claim payment.

Such an investigation, however deep, cannot always guarantee that there will be the financial capability that would solve the problem, which is why we always focus on the direction our client suggests.

It is also clear that such a service has certain costs, which the client will have to cover, regardless of the outcome. In many cases of course, evidence of monetary transfers, regardless of asset discovery, has achieved our client’s purpose, since this strengthens his bargaining position.