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Mystery Buyer / Thief

Often also referred to as "a mystery and secret shopper" this person is hired to investigate client service and honesty of employees in a company, a mystery buyer can pretend to be a customer and try to discover whether the company employees are honest and friendly.

Also, the mystery buyer can minimise losses or increase profits giving you a realistic view from the side of the customer or prospective buyer. A dissatisfied customer can cost a lot to a business. Most studies have shown that when customers are not satisfied, they will not complain to the management. In most cases they will discourage others from doing business with you, which means that you will not really know what is going on.

If you own or manage a business, the quality of goods and services you offer can bring in significant profits but also lead to bankrupcy. Unfortunately, in most cases you cannot know how the company employees behave when you are not there or are busy.

The only way to find out whether your employees are reliable or not, and even if they engage in illegal activity or fraud, is to ask a specialist to investigate this.

Mystery shopping is a type of company research which gives you the tools and guarantees you need to operate effectively and with the proper staff.

It is very important and cannot be undertaken by anyone as the notion of mystery buyer as well the particular service are literally unknown in our country. There are therefore very few people capable of offering guaranteed results.

Our agency and our associates, with many years of experience in the particular field both in Greece and abroad, but also through constant training in such matters, can help you discover all the necessary details regarding your employees and their behaviour and performance as well as evidence in cases of fraud, criminal behaviour or negligence.