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Product Forgery - Trademark Piracy

Product forgery is a way to trick the consumer into buying something it is not. Usually product forgery as well as trademark piracy thrives in smuggled goods.

It has become a global threat the last few years, affecting a wide range of products. Smuggling accounts for 7-9% of global trading.

Every year, some 600 billion euros are lost to forged products, including internet sales as well as those produced and sold within the same country. On top of that, thousands of jobs are lost each year because of forgery and smuggling, despite the fact that millions of counterfeit goods are confiscated each year.

The range of forged products sold as genuine is huge: from watches, wallets and cigarettes to cars, PCs and software, with electronic piracy almost doubled in the last few years.

Sometimes forgery thrives because of e-commerce, the search for ever cheaper products due to financial strife, as well as lack of adequate policing.

Trademark piracy and product forgery is big business, with enormous illegal profits which costs Greece at least 30 billion euros a year, 9 billion representing the gross income of forgeries, another 5 billion in taxes lost. This is mainly due to lack of adequate resources and legislation that could police the market effectively.

This situation affects the economy in a variety of ways, especially consumers who think they have bought a genuine product, the legitimate producers who invest in safety and quality control, and merchants who wish to offer reliable, safe products to their customers.

For consumers, the side-effects of buying such products can involve serious health hazards, bad value for money and even losing their jobs.

For the producers and merchants, smuggling is not only a competitor, but since forged goods often use company trademarks, they can harm the legal products' reputation, leading to direct but also indirect drop in sales, loss of income and irreparable damage to the company's name.

Counterfeit products are very difficult to trace, even by specialists whose job is to inspect them.

Therefore, since the network is a global one, private investigator agency Zakynthinos Detective and our specialised associates can investigate producers, wholesale and retail merchants and distributors on a local and national level and offer the information you want in order to be able to confront them with all the necessary evidence and data.