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Retrieval of Data concerning the owner of a mobile phone number

Nowadays, 86% of Greeks use a mobile phone. Given that more and more people use mobiles instead of landlines, it is inevitable that some will abuse this new technology. They harass, play pranks and threaten people, often calling them in the middle of the night.  

Even though registering a mobile phone is now compulsory, many of the pranksters do not seem to be deterred. This is because they know that due to privacy laws their identity can only be revealed after a warrant is issued by the prosecutor, and even then the investigation will take a while and not always yield results.

On the other hand, landlines are extremely easy to track, either through various companies (such as 11888 or 11880) or even online using search engines. Even then, however, finding the caller may prove hard or even impossible if you only have their number, as their name might be withheld. This happens as the private companies, as well as the internet, have limited access to these services and might not be able to help you.

Private investigator agency Zakynthinos Detective, can help you identify such callers, whether they use a landline or a mobile phone. We offer guaranteed, fast results which can then help you in taking the steps necessary to get rid of these malicious calls.