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Data Retrieval (files and folders) from a computer HDD

The process of saving and retrieving data from a destroyed, modified or not accessible storage media which cannot operate normally can be successful in many situations where you might believe it is impossible, as the hard disk may be significantly damaged.

Retrieving deleted files, even when the Recycle Bin has been emptied, is routine procedure. Other reasons for data retrieval could include system deletion due to malfunction, damaged sectors or partitions, accidental formatting by the user, virus attacks or accidental overwriting due to fault or human error.

As soon as you realise that you have lost files from your hard disk, whether on purpose or accidentally, your hard disk is not working properly or has been damaged due to wear and tear (it is no longer recognised by your computer), you should immediately contact us and not do anything else yourself. There are people who, while trying to solve the technical problems themselves, make data retrieval even harder or can lead to permanent loss of important files.

With the constant technological progress and the importance a PC and its hard disk play in our lives, the retrieval of certain data is vital for home computers, as well as business machines. In all cases, there could be important files that have temporarily been lost or deleted.

Our agency's associates have great experience and offer services with guaranteed results, reliability and quality through constant renewal of their equipment, knowledge specialisation and constant training in new technologies regarding data retrieval from a hard disk. Also, in cases where data retrieval is possible, you will be constantly informed as to the progress of the process, with complete confidentiality regarding the retrieved files.