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Tax Evasion – Tax Investigations

  Tax evasion is becoming a much more common occurrence, with multiple social consequences in the current financial situation. In our country, even though precise figures are impossible to obtain, it is estimated that it exceeds 35% of the total tax income.

What is interesting is to observe is the factors and processes that lead to this problem and its growth. The failure of state mechanisms and control, the difficulty and inflexibility of operations when it comes to tax collecting and the red tape which is characteristic to the public sector, creating the need for a private investigation agency to solve the problem.

Zakynthinos Detective and its specialised associates on a global scale, is able to successfully complete any investigation as to the undeclared assets of any individual or company, as well as forged documents and payments to off-shore tax havens where bank customers’ anonymity is protected or the origin of payments cannot be traced. 

Also, our aim is to track down forgery and any illegal activity, as well as violations concerning commissions, illegal profiteering and price-fixing.

At a time when society believes that tax evaders can never be traced by the law, there is the need for an in-depth, professional and specialised investigation, with experienced personnel using methods and practices relating to the real market economy as well as initiatives and access to data which would not otherwise be accessible.

Our lifelong experience in conducting such tax investigations can guarantee results, which is one of the reasons why our agency is the first to be awarded an ISO 9001 certification on a pan-European scale.