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  It is no longer a sick joke that, in the effort of starting a new life together with a new partner, the divorced parent will often make decisions which are detrimental to the welfare of his or her child from the previous marriage.

Such situations should ideally be discussed between the two former spouses, who, despite having separated as a couple, remain the child’s parents.

Unfortunately, immaturity and social circumstances lead many people to avoid tackling the problem, often causing irreparable damage to the child.

On the other hand, adjusting to a new family life could be achieved to the child’s benefit if dealt with properly, assuming that the new situation will be a healthy one.

If however there is the slightest doubt about your child’s ability to adapt to the new reality, do not hesitate to contact us.

Remaining discreetly invisible from everyone involved, we will investigate every aspect of the situation, in collaboration with a specialist child psychologist, and offer a complete report of irrefutable facts and suggestions for the best course of action.

The final decision is obviously your own, should you however choose to follow a legal procedure, you will have all the evidence necessary for a successful outcome.