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The law states, reasonably so, that when two people get divorced, the financial support given from one to the other depends on the financial capabilities of both parties to support themselves, which may change in time.

Possible inheritance or other sources of income, including living with a new partner, may for example reduce or even annul the first person’s responsibility to pay the second.

Any claims of alimony made towards a former spouse must be supported by real evidence, as in our country it is extremely easy to obtain false testimonies from witnesses who are willing to say anything under oath, without necessarily being able to substantiate it.

Unfortunately in Greece the wide use of cash for everyday needs makes it difficult to track down anyone’s financial dealings.

This is why you need our private investigation agency, so that the real facts can be presented in an undisputable way. It is unfair, especially in the current financial situation, for one of the former spouses to cheat the other one into paying more money than they should, and go unpunished.