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Technology as part of the private investigator’s work

  Nowadays, a private investigator’s work has more to do with the application of cutting-edge technology than ever before. Such breakthroughs have invariably served needs to protect individuals from illegal acts against them.

Therefore, the nature of our work has shifted from “work intensive” to “technology intensive”, which obviously involves significant investment on new technologies. This means the purchase of necessary equipment, but also trained personnel who can use it properly.

There is also the issue of the legitimate involvement of the state, in the sense of protecting citizens’ private data, through the implementation of special laws governing the scope and methodology of using new technologies.

As a result, we are obliged to move within a limited framework of discreet, legal pathways, balancing the needs of everyone involved.

Our agency has invested heavily on certain technologies and cooperates with specialists of the respective equipment, in areas such as:

·         Special, hidden cameras and video technology

·         Chemical traps for thieves

·         High Length video recording

·          Bug-tracking systems

·         Protection from bugging

·         GPS tracking of vehicles

·         Night vision equipment

·         Invisible signaling

·         PC monitoring software

·         Lab analysis

·         Linguistic analysis

·         Fingerprint analysis

·         Graphological analysis

The use of technology as well as the results of its implementation are dealt with seriously. Even though using the equipment is a question of mere training, the process of dealing with each individual case is governed by Quality Control system ISO 9001/2008 which we have been the first in Greece to implement.

This guarantees real-time control of our agency and its operations in general, as well as tracking of all cases, present or past, as every step is recorded during the process.

It also guarantees the destruction of all elements whose usage period has expired, according to our rules of operation and which have been put in place to protect our clients, as well as ourselves as a responsible private investigation agency.