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The divorce rate is rising in Greece, with broken marriages up to 50-70 %. Over the last ten years, divorces in Greece have almost tripled.

Even though infidelity may no longer be an important factor in court decisions regarding divorce cases, except perhaps spousal support, there is still other evidence which may prove crucial.

Cases of abandonment, violent behaviour, abuse, addiction and other mitigating circumstances, require the presentation of material evidence and testimonies.

Our agency with its years of experience in such matters, both in Greece and abroad, can guarantee actual results in discovering irrefutable evidence and events which took place during your marriage. We can also offer advice on the best course of action.

It is important to get in touch with us, as a divorce is not a way to simply dissolve a marriage, since there are many crucial matters that have to be addressed before any final court decision is made. These could be related to alimony, child support and custody, division of property and so on.

You should in no way put up with behaviour which led to the breakdown of your marriage in the first place and which has significantly affected both your family and social environment, but deal with it with all the necessary means, which we will provide you.