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This case needs no introduction. Over six years have passed since the disappearance of Alex Meshishvilli, which shocked public opinion and made news around the world. According to the court, the five minors seem to have had an altercation at the "Elia" Square in Veroia, on the afternoon of February 3rd, 2006. They ended up attacking him, hitting him at various parts of his body. The young student tried to escape, getting chased all the way to the Town Hall Square, where he was attacked again. The victim received several blows to his head, face and other parts of his body, making him lose his balance and fall on the marble steps leading to Elli Street, which proved fatal. The indictment letter adopts the "Barbuta scenario" in which the five culprits moved their victim's dead body in a wheelbarrow, took it to the river and threw it in the water, which carried it to the Aliakmonas delta in the Thermaikos Bay. The teenagers now face charges of premeditated murder and insulting a dead person. Apart from the minors, several adults are also accused for various crimes, such as harbouring a criminal, perjury and negligence. On the other hand, the prosecutor, mr. Nikos Karamolengos, has suggested the change of the main charges from first degree murder to grievous bodily harm, and to drop the charges of insulting a dead person. He also does not accept that Alex was fatally wounded when falling on the marble steps of Elli Street after his attack by the five young boys. He believes that Alex was still alive when transported to the abandoned house in Elli Street, and is not convinced that the "Barbuta scenario", adopted by council of the Appeals Court of Thessaloniki, was confirmed during the trial process. He even suggested that the accusations made by the five minors against the police, who are said to have coerced them into confessing, should be investigated by the Veroia Prosecutor. Alex's mother, Natela Insuaidje, has voiced her dissatisfaction of the prosecutor's suggestions. The case is still in progress.