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The girl's boyfriend and murderer, Danos Mouratidis, managed to fool everyone for 4 whole months. He remained adamant that he had no idea where his girlfriend could be and "hoped" she would be found, safe and sound. He claimed that on the fateful night, he and his girlfriend went to his home, but that she disappeared from the room while he was asleep. In the end, he cracked and admitted everything. In a fit of jealousy, he lost his temper and strangled her. People who knew the couple spoke of a bad-tempered, jealous man who was often violent towards her. He had taken her to a remote location in his car, and the next day, with his cousin's help, buried her. The case was justly dubbed "the Thriller of Veroia" There was also the testimony of a former girlfriend who said that, when they broke up, he had originally remained calm and offered to give her a lift home. The girl was suspicious, since this calm reaction was not like him. When they got into the car he took her to a remote location, beat her up and left her there, helpless. From April 11th to August 11th, 2005, the killer remained silent. Damian (Danos) Mouratidis faced charges of first degree murder and insulting a dead person, and was sentenced to life, while his cousin, Panatiotis Kanellis, to four years in jail for aiding him in getting rid of the body.