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It was New Year's Eve in 1994 when the case of the "Pallini Satanists" was revealed, shocking the country. The "Satanist Triad" had, in the early '90s, allegedly seduced young girls, some of them underage, and all together they participated in sexual orgies and black magic rituals.

On the 27th of August 1992 the three of them led 14-year-old Dora Spyropoulou to an isolated location in Sesi Koropiou. Katsoulas and Dimitrokallis undressed the girl, handcuffed her and forced her to kneel holding a candle. Then, they hit her on the head with a log, but she remained conscious, so as to be strangled later. After making sure the young girl was dead, they desecrated the body and then covered it with petrol and set it on fire. Their next victim was Garyfallia Giourgia, whom they approached on Good Wednesday, 14th April 1993, and posing as policemen, persuaded her to get into the car with them. Her fate was the same as Dora's.